Writing Samples

I enjoy writing about art, fashion and culture. I write what I see and what I observe. I write to process and to understand the world around me. 


Why Fashion Matters

I remember the moment I became interested in fashion very clearly. Before said moment, my previous Christmas wish lists had consisted of microscopes and computer games. I was an aspiring scientist, who would mock fashion models whenever they showed up on the 7 pm news I watched religiously.


The Rebirth of Fashion Criticism in an Advertiser’s World

Open a fashion magazine nowadays, it is part baffling and part humorous how the editorial content starts on page 150 or 180. The hundreds of the pages before are used purely for advertisers, who finance the majority of the magazine and, thus, hold the majority of the power. 


Mental Illness in the Fashion World

Two days ago, I decided that it was time for me to watch Grey Gardens since its been referenced in countless fashion spreads and articles and by a myriad of designers and photographers since its début. This 70’s documentary is about Jackie Kennedy’s cousins Big Edie and Little Edie and their life in a run-down, 28-room mansion in East Hampton.